What Makes A Christian Rehab Center Unique?

What Makes A Christian Rehab Center Unique

June 7th, 2016

Addiction can strike anyone at any time, even the most dedicated and faithful Christians. Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel like this addiction is a failure in morality or in faith, but that is simply not the case. We know how hard it it to believe, but addiction is a disease and one that must be understood and cured by any means necessary in order to return you to a healthy and happy Christian life.

If you’re a Christian and suffering from an addiction, we feel for you and want to help. That’s why we’re focusing on the unique powers of a Christianity-based rehab center. These centers offer you unique access to faith-based recovery tools, as well as the best rehabilitation techniques. The glory of God and His grace is within your grasp at a Christian rehab.

Connecting With God

The major benefit of Christianity-based rehabs is their focus on God and helping you connect with Him. Sadly, there’s a chance your faith may have struggled during your addiction. We’ve seen it happen and it’s always sad to see people just like you feeling hopelessness that can shatter your faith. Christian rehab works to rebuild your relationship and give you the spiritual strength you need.

Just how important is God in your recovery from addiction? A study originally published in Alcohol Treat in 2006 covered the importance of religion, spirituality, and social support in the success of the 12-Step recovery process. What they found was obvious to us, but beneficial for you to know: faith (in your case, faith in Jesus), was a vital and positive force in rehabilitation.

Their conclusion stated that “Overall, present findings suggest that the hope for a better life that sets many substance users on the path to recovery can be a reality; there is light at the end of the dark tunnel of active addiction for those who choose to change course and ‘to go to any length’ to seek recovery.”

Rebuilding your connection with God is a highly personal process, but attending a Christian rehab will help focus your spiritual recovery on your beliefs, rather than the beliefs of multiple different religions. While there’s nothing wrong with people of those beliefs using faith-based techniques to recover, Christians like you benefit heavily from a rehab that focuses specifically on the ways of Christ.

Making Connections With Fellow Christians

About 90 percent of all religious people in America are Christian and in a Christian-based rehab, you are going to have access to people who share your same values and who can help create a support group. Support groups in Christian rehab are an essential aspect of recovery as they help introduce you to fellow Christians who have gone through the same problems as you.

As a result, you can create a sense of Christian fellowship that will give you the strength you need to recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually. According to rehab experts, support groups:

  • Create a sense of accountability – Your setbacks will be monitored by your group and your recovery from them fully supported.
  • Give you people who will listen – Reach out to your support group when you are feeling strong feelings of relapse.
  • Avoid rebound relapse – With the distraction and support of your group, you will rarely, if ever, have time to feel the pull to relapse.
  • Offer a sober activity group – Instead of going out to drink or use drugs, you and your activity group can perform sober activities, such as hiking, fishing, or attending church-based activities.

Essentially, a Christian fellowship support group offers you a whole new group of friends, a group that is also working towards sobriety and willing to do what it takes to find a sober life while staying connected with the Lord.

Learning New Christian Life Skills

When you’re in Christian rehab, you will learn a variety of life skills that will help you heal from addiction and regain a Christian lifestyle. Typically, they will focus on life skills such as the following:

  • Success – You are capable of succeeding in anything (like rehab success) as long as you approach it with a humble and honest Christian mind.
  • Anger Management – Turn the other cheek when you feel anger about anything in your life, such as pain from withdrawal, difficulties with relapse triggers, or people you feel are judging you for addiction.
  • Depression – It’s easy to feel depressed during rehab or after, but Christianity teaches that depression in our world is unnecessary. After all, living a moral and healthy life can help guarantee eternal happiness in the afterlife. Use this strengthening idea to fight off any major depression symptoms.
  • Stress – Related to depression about recovery is stress. This can drive you to self-medicate with addiction. By using Christian relaxation methods (such as prayer or conversation with a pastor), you can beat stress and addiction.
  • Taking Of Your Basic Needs – Before addiction, you could easily manage your day-to-day concerns, such as handling finances and your career. Unfortunately, addiction can tear down your confidence. At Christian rehab, you will relearn these basic life skills and how to perform them in a constructive and healthy way.

Building up these life skills can help give you the support system you need to life a life free from addiction. They also help prepare you to once again walk hand-in-hand with Jesus to find the spiritual joy and love that will give you the personal strength you need.

Heavy Pastoral Interaction

The connection between Christian parishioners and pastor is one of communication, connection, and spiritual happiness. Christian rehabs utilize a variety of pastors that are fine-tuned for your particular belief system (such as Catholicism, Mormonism, Lutheranism, etc.). They can provide you with counseling sessions that can strengthen your spiritual resolve and improve upon your faith.

Christian rehabs also offer pastoral intervention: this is an intervention directed by a pastor. This process is often necessary for Christians who need to be faced with an ultimatum: attendance in rehab or isolation from friends, family members, or even the church. For many devout Christians, this notion is often enough to get them into a rehab center.

There are other major benefits of utilizing a pastor in rehab. Lifeway, a Christian resource guide, discussed the ways in which their relationships with a pastor include:

  • Spiritual aspects
  • Friendship aspects
  • Deacon relationship (counselor)
  • Ministry relationship (teaching lessons of spirituality)

All of these relationship aspects can help boost your personal strength and increase your spiritual focus. Let your pastor guide you through the difficulties of rehab to emerge as a newly happy and sober person, the person you were before addiction took over.

Christian-Based Aftercare Services

Aftercare is a crucial part of recovering from addiction because it helps remove you from dangerous situations and helps restore your life to normalcy. Christian aftercare focuses on helping you get back on your feet, busy with a purpose, and living your life according to Christian values. Typical aftercare services include:

  • Finding a home – There are multiple Christian halfway and three-quarter houses that will take you in and give you a safe and supporting place to recover.
  • Career placement – Rehab and your church will work hard to find you a job in your community that will give you a focus and a source of income.
  • Attendance at church – You can go as often as you want, including Sunday or daily services.
    Community service – Spreading Christian love through helping out in the community, through outreach with youth and helping teach anti-drug courses.
  • Prayer groups – Meeting with fellow Christians who are recovering from addiction, talking about your concerns, and praying together for guidance.
  • Missionary trips – Travel to areas that need assistance (such as third world countries) and help to not only spread Christian teachings, but rebuild after disasters.

Let Us Help You

At SpringToLife, we can help you find the help you need to recover from addiction. Our caring counselors understand how important your faith is and will work hard to connect you with the Christian-based rehab that you deserve in order to recover in peace and stability. Contact us today to take that first step.