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Stones River Recovery

Stones River Recovery was founded on the principle that you don’t have to be an addict forever.  Its intensive, 90 day program is based on the recommendation from the National Institute on Drug Abuse that “participation for less than 90 days (in a rehab) is of limited effectiveness.”

Participants are guided through 3 phases of treatment with the goal of progressing the participant from a life of addiction to one of success and independence.

Phase 1 - Intensive Inpatient

The first 30 days of treatment is spent in a Residential Inpatient program that focuses on safe detoxification from a substance and learning the tools necessary to maintain sobriety. Residents in the inpatient program participate in a full schedule of daily programs ranging from evidence-based recovery classes, counseling, church, community service, exercise, meditation, and prayer.

Phase 2 - Long Term Recovery

After demonstrated success in Phase 1 participants move to the second phase of the program, Long-Term Recovery (LTR), for 30 days.  LTR provides participants with life skills classes from the “Living in Balance” curriculum by Hazeldon Publishing.  Participants are provided classes on topics such as anger management, stress reduction, healthy habits, nutrition and exercise, financial management, consumer credit, career planning, and fatherhood.  LTR is designed for participants to learn how to integrate recovery principles (taught in phase 1) with daily life.  LTR is also the phase participants begin to consider the education and vocational goals they will implement in the third phase of treatment.

Phase 3 - Transitional Living

Upon completion of the Long-Term Recovery program, participants graduate to the third phase of treatment, Transitional Living.  Building on the principles and life skills previously learned, participants are given the opportunity of full-time employment.  Transitional Living allows participants to work during the day and provides participants a class, discussion group, 12-step meeting or community recovery event in the evening.  Transitional Living gives participants the opportunity to practice living independently, while still providing a structured, supervised environment.  Participants must complete a minimum of thirty days in Transitional Living before graduation.  Stones River Recovery recommends an additional ninety days in Transitional Living to foster long term success.

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