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Neuroscientists have shown that addiction is a complex, progressive brain disease – but it is treatable. Millions of Americans are living in long-term recovery and we are honored to count our clients at Spring to Life among them.

Our rigorous and compassionate approach to recovery includes a full range of christian based programs and rehabilitation services:

  • Pastoral Intervention
  • Residential Recovery
  • Outpatient Recovery Programs
  • Transitional Living
  • Individual & Group Recovery and Life Coaching
  • Family Pastoral Counseling
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Recovery Aftercare

Our programs are led by dedicated addiction recovery professionals and conducted in the rustic beauty of our multi-acre campus near Nashville, Tennessee.

We help you detox safely prior to starting your Recovery Plan at Spring to Life in Tennessee.  Our residential program, The Lodge, is a peaceful wooded retreat where you’ll receive one-on-one and group life coaching and learn practical life management skills to succeed in recovery. The Hope House is our transitional living facility, which offers clients a chance to start their new life with gentle support and guidance.

To accommodate family time and work schedules our programs offer day and evening sessions. We also provide ongoing individual and family pastoral counseling.

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