The GEARS Program

GEARS Methodology

We all have a set of basic human needs. Using our GEARS drug treatment methodology, we assert that people strive to meet these needs in order to live satisfied lives – and the disease of addiction can emerge when people seek to meet these needs through the wrong people, places, substances or behaviors.

Some of our basic human needs are:

• Security
• Acceptance
• Appreciation
• Value
• Self-Worth
• Affection
• Love
• Purpose
• Adventure

Change And Recovery From Addiction Is Possible

Through our GEARS curriculum, we teach clients that the content of their heart determines who they are and how they see themselves. When their hearts believe something, their mindset and thinking will determine the direction of their lives and behaviors. If our clients’ hearts believe they are liars, cheaters and addicted to substances, their minds will think it, and their lifestyles will reflect it. However, when a person’s basic human needs are fulfilled, his character, disposition, outlook and condition of his heart will change. When his heart changes and is satisfied, his mindset, actions and behaviors will reflect it.

The GEARS drug treatment methodology upholds that change and recovery from addiction occurs when our basic human needs are met, resulting in a balanced and satisfied life.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the well – Spring to Life”
– Proverbs 4:23

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