Spring to Life offers resources for adult men in Tennessee who are second and third time DUI
offenders. Our faith-based residential recovery program provides 20 or 55-day alternatives for
sentences. Confirm with the court handing your case or your PO to find out if the  program
offered at Spring to Life will qualify as an alternative program.


Recovery Instead Of Jail Time

Statistics show that overcoming an alcohol abuse problem is most effectively handled through
addiction recovery programs – rather than jail time. In order to help those struggling with
alcohol abuse and alcoholism, Spring to Life offers a comprehensive DUI alternative program.
Our DUI pastoral counseling program helps second and third time drunk driving offenders
develop the skills they need to regain control of their lives, so that they do not find themselves
in court for DUI charges again.


Our DUI Services Include:

  • DUI Pastoral Counseling For Men Ages 18
  • Sentencing Alternative Programs
  • 20-Day Drunk Driving Rehab For 2nd Time Offenders
  • 55-Day Drunk Driving Rehab For 3rd Time Offenders
  • Progress And Attendance Reports, Upon Request
  • Self-Pay Programs With Financing Available


Contact a Spring to Life Treatment Specialist today for more information.