Can A Christian Drug Rehab Center Help My Marriage?

Can A Christian Drug Rehab Center Help My Marriage?

May 13th, 2016


You and your spouse are regular church-going Christians with a secret: one or both of you are addicted to drugs. We’re not necessarily talking about heroin or cocaine here, but even drugs as legal as alcohol or as useful as pain killers. Addiction has grabbed a hold of your marriage and is threatening to tear you apart from each other and from God.

However, a Christian drug rehab center can help you and your spouse break the grip of addiction and heal together. Attending one can also help you the two of you grow into stronger and more faithful Christians, a process that will only make your marriage all the stronger.

How Addiction Will Impact Your Marriage

Addiction is a major dilemma in any marriage, but it can be particularly difficult in a Christian marriage. Your spouse may start behaving in ways that betray their Christian faith or which are morally wrong, such as stealing money to buy drugs or committing other crimes.

This conflict of faith and action can create a lot of tension in a marriage. You may find yourself struggling to accept your loved one’s increasing drug use or their unfortunate behaviors when using drugs. That struggle can cause the two of you to argue, physically fight, discuss your problems with friends, behave improperly in front of your children, or even seek the love of another.

All of these behaviors are against the Christian faith and can quickly spiral out of control if they aren’t checked. We all struggle to live a life according to the demands of our moral code and we all slip up. That is okay and forgiving yourself is crucial to moving on in life. Unfortunately, addiction makes these behaviors so common that it can be hard to break out of the cycle.

The Ways That Christian Rehab Can Help Your Marriage

Christian drug rehabs help your relationship by taking a multi-pronged approach to recovery. For example, your loved one will receive withdrawal care to ensure they remain healthy and pain-free during this difficult process. They will also receive a physical health assessment, as well as improved dietary guidelines to help them recover from any malnutrition.

Rehab also consists of psychological counseling that helps your loved one understand their addiction. This healing process is often enhanced by behavior adjustment techniques that help create healthier methods for dealing with relapse. Even better, this process can help you and your beloved strengthen your marriage in the following ways:

  • Identify the problems impacting your marriage
  • Diagnose the way these problems contribute to addiction
  • Give you spiritual guidance through difficult patches
  • Provide access to a priest or reverend who can help strengthen your beliefs
  • Group therapy with other struggling Christians
  • Family-based therapy that helps bring together the most important people in your life
  • Straighten the confusion, guilt, and anxiety in your relationship and give you the motivation to recover

Beyond the typical withdrawal and psychological counseling, Christian drug rehab also offers Christian-based couples drug therapy. Here you and your spouse will sit down with a skilled counselor and work through your problems together. You’ll not only find appropriate Christian solutions to your problems, but get a unique insight that is hard to get otherwise.

The Spiritual Focus Of Christian Rehabs

Though we’ve hinted at the spiritual focus of Christian rehabs previously, it’s worth touching on just how that spirituality is shown. First of all, it’s inclusive in that it doesn’t focus on one specific denomination. Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, as well as the many others are all welcome in Christian drug rehabs and they will be accommodated in a variety of ways, including services by the appropriate ministers.

Christian Drug Rehab Can Save Your MarriageChristian rehab is also accepting of people of all faiths and even atheists. In this way, you and your spouse can meet a wide range of interesting people and learn more about other faiths. You may even be able to reach a non-believer and help bring them into the Light of the Lord. Inclusion is a major part of the Christian faith and Christian rehabs work hard to make everyone feel comfortable and happy.

Typically, each Christian rehab offers ways for you to celebrate your faith, including bible groups, regular church services, group discussions, spiritual lessons for children, and more. You can’t get these kinds of services at a secular rehab, even if they offer many of the same services, including couples therapy.

Divorce As A Last Resort

Divorce should only be used if nothing else is working for you and your spouse. For example, if your spouse continues to use or has put you and your children’s lives in danger, you should probably leave as soon as you can. It will be hard to abandon your loved one to their addiction, but staying in a dangerous situation is not healthy or safe.

However, divorce can be a tricky aspect for many Christians. Most denominations and subsequent sects believe that marriage is a lifelong investment and that it should be honored when possible. Of course, you can still legally divorce, but if you’re having a hard time justifying your divorce from a religious point, consider Moses’ statement on divorce.

His teachings claimed that divorce was morally okay in two incidents: sexual immorality or abandonment. So if drug use has caused your spouse to cheat on you, then you can use the first incident to divorce. Abandonment is a trickier prospect as this typically means physical abandonment, but your spouse may stay with you to use for drug money or a place to live.

As a result, it’s harder to use abandonment as a moral reason for divorce. However, you could claim that your loved one has abandoned you through their drug use. They have given themselves over to their drug of choice and are no longer faithful or truly “there” for you.

Of course, in court you can use drug use as grounds for divorce. Finding a moral reason is simply for your own peace of mind. In fact, if you confront your spouse with your intention to divorce based on these grounds, they may be shocked into accepting rehabilitation and finally quitting.

You CAN Save Your Marriage

Of course, divorce should only be used as a last resort because a Christian drug rehab center can help your spouse quit drugs and help the two of you heal together. When the two of you get through this difficult process, you’ll find that you’ll be closer than ever and ready to embrace a full commitment to the Lord. To learn more about how we can help, please contact us at today.