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Freedom Starts with the First Step

Welcome to Your Recovery

What if the best version of yourself is ready to awaken? Your recovery from addiction – guided by the right expert care – is the start for who you can become. Spring to Life provides a network of resources that teach, train and believe that addiction can actually end, and it does NOT define who YOU ARE!

Spring to Life has been a catalyst for life-changing journeys for more than a decade. Our proven paths to recovery combine a solid Biblical foundation with intensive recovery and transitional care, evidence-based methods, the healing benefits of nature, adventure therapy and long-term recovery planning.

Our comprehensive programs welcome men and women of all ages, faiths, denominations and beliefs. We emphasize healing your addiction not only by education, but through strategic recovery coaching and practical life skills; we want to help you ENJOY LIFE and HAVE FUN in recovery.

People battling addiction remember a time when addiction did not control and dictate their every move.  They loved and enjoyed life, had fun and made memories with their friends and family. At Spring to Life, we want to help you awaken that person again!

Spring to Life has developed a network of leading faith-based programs, specializing in Christian addiction recovery. Our programs are guided by caring pastoral counselors –who are in long-term recovery themselves – and many who are alumni of our programs.  We invite you to join our growing community and discover how the rest of your life can be the BEST OF YOUR LIFE.

Our Services

  • Residential Inpatient Programs
  • Transitional Living
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Crisis Intervention and Intervention Planning Kit (for families, friends and loved ones)
  • Medical Detox (provided within the network)
  • Individual & Recovery Coaching
  • Individual & Family Pastoral Counseling
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Recovery Aftercare

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Our Programs

About Us

Since 2006, men from across the nation have restored their lives at Spring to Life. As a leading Christian-based recovery network, we provide a complete, multi-step program for men ages 18 and older with drug or alcohol addictions.

Our beautiful panoramic campuses are in the heart of Tennessee and are home to a full spectrum of recovery care: intensive residential inpatient, transitional housing, outpatient programs, life coaching, life skills classes, and pastoral-led counseling.

Clients enjoy a balance of classes and peer fellowship as they participate in lake activities, outdoor exercise, and worship services.

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